For generations, the black community has shouldered the weight of a unique and often unspoken burden—a stigma surrounding mental health. A legacy of strength and resilience has been passed down through the ages, leaving little room for vulnerability or self-care. We've been conditioned not to seek luxury or to prioritize our well-being.

At Blaque, we're on a mission to challenge this longstanding narrative. We firmly believe that we deserve to experience a life enriched with the joys of luxury, and we're committed to making this a reality, one scented candle at a time.

We are a luxury candle company dedicated to stimulating and satisfying your desire for luxury. With the right Blaque scented candle, you can be whoever you want to be, wherever your heart desires to be while enjoying a luxurious experience.

We currently have three luxury candles collections, specially formulated and curated to fit into your taste and personality.