New Arrivals


We are a luxury candle company dedicated to stimulating and satisfying your desire for luxury. With the right Blaque Candle Co scented candle, you can be whomever you want to be, wherever your heart desires to be while enjoying a luxurious experience.

  • Brandon.

    "I order one of each every time I order. I love these candles they hold their scent until the last drop of wax is burned! Great product I’m a forever fan!!"

  • Javier

    "I love all three wax warmers! I ordered all three to see which one was my favorite, but after trying them all I can not decide! You will not regret purchasing and I hope we get more options! Try them all!"

  • Breonna

    My overall experience has been amazing with this company!! To break it down, the website was very user friendly, the shipping was efficient, THE PACKAGING WAS EVERYTHING, not to mention the candle gives me rich luxurious vibes! I’m in love with the smell, it’s not overtaking. Overall, I rate my entire experience and candles 5/5!

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